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11-28-2008, 02:42 PM
alright, for those who dont now, i was the one asking about how to change the CPS on a '96 GAGT that my cousin had...turns out the dumbass didnt have any gas in it, and sold it to me for $700

question #1:
drove it home and it overheated...took the thermostat out and it ran cool the whole way home, but they said they changed the stat a couple times and it didnt change anything, so are these radiator caps known for going bad?

question #2:
when the car is running, the bright light indicator flashes...all the headlights work how they're suppose to, could this be a relay problem?...if so, where is it located?

question #3:
the car has more power at 1/4 throttle than it does full, feels likes it pulling timing. I see the motor rocks a **** ton when put under any load, so i changed the top motor mount as the trans mount didnt look too bad...still rocks like a mofo im guessing either the trans or engine is hitting the cradle causing some retard, or there are bigger problems. Has anyone had this problem that could point in some direction?

im not sure if the 2.4 came in the '96 GT's but this one is the small port 3100 FOR NOW...im planning on a 3500 top-end swap on my 3400 swapped Z24, and will then take my 3400 top-end and put it on this car, i have some searching to do on here before i step into that though.

thanks for any input

11-30-2008, 06:28 PM