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12-20-2008, 01:38 PM
I have a 1997 Grand AM GT 2.4 dohc 5 speed. Last night on my way home from work I got about 5 miles from my house and everything went horribly wrong. I turned onto the highway and got up to about 35-40mph and my grand am started spitting and sputtering, I quickly found a spot in the rpm range with the gas pedal where it would run smoothly, but if I gave it any MORE or any LESS throttle it would start to spit and sputter again. Even when it was running in it's 'smooth spot' it didn't seem like it was all there, maybe running on 3 cylinders? I milked it about 4 more miles like this until I got to the road that I live on. At this point it REALLY started running rough. I couldn't get it over 35 mph and it sounded like it was running on 2 cylinders maybe? At this point it would barely idle. I pulled it in the garage and shut her down. I am pretty mechanically inclined, I have done engine swaps in the past, although never on a Grand Am. So my question is...Where do I start? Anyone else ever experience this? No Check Engine light either. It kinda seems like a ignition/timing problem to me, but I keep second guessing myself. Help Anyone? Thanks.

12-20-2008, 01:41 PM
try checking your spark plugs and wires. Your MAF could be dirty aswell.