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12-22-2008, 04:09 PM
well, im back again with another god forsaken problem. Just replaced the heater core 2weeks ago, so i know thats not the problem. But i woke up today, went out and warmed up my car like i do every other morning. Unfortunately, we was down to 0 degrees last nite, with a wind chill of -15....anyway, started it up and i instantly heard my power steering whining pretty loud. Got out and decided to check it out....power steering fluid was not clear-it was a milky muck color...dont know what thats from?? then i noticed what looked like a coolant slushi on my water pump. Is the water pump bad and in need for a change? then i looked under the front end(with engine running) and noticed 3 steady dripping streams of coolant coming off the backside of my block(closest to firewall)....LIM?? or what?? Thought i could be slick and drive around the block real quik....big mistake. All i could see on the ground behind my car as i drove was mass amounts of liquids all over the ground. Not like little drips...think street sweepers when they get the road wet. got back home and coolant was bubbling out of the top of the reservoir....with the lid on!!! i let it cool down, went back out there and refilled the reservoir and started it back up. Bled the coolant sytem real quick and everything was fine. Still the ugly whine from the P/S, nothing visually happening with the W/P, but the 3 steady streams of coolant still coming off the backside. PLEASE HELP ME!!!! thanks very much for your time and your inputs

Just went outside and checked the bottom of my oil cap.....its deff got somethin funky on it. kinda like a whitish/somethingish color on it. I called auto zone and they got 2 diff kinds of intake mainfold gaskets. one is for $33 and it doesnt have pushrod guides and then they have another one for $53 and it does have pushrod guides. Would the $53 one be the better choice here? Whats up with the whole pushrod guide thing? Does that mean i can put the gasket on without having to remove the pushrods? Like it just slides over the top of them? thanks alot

gagt Mechanic
12-23-2008, 12:40 PM
if the coolant is comming from the back side, it is prob not the lim, the lim makes a vally leading to the left and right side of the eng compartment. check your heater core lines, you could have a bad head gasket, or bad freeze plug. I would take it to some one if you dont have a heated garage. your ps is probly low, before you start your car in the morning check it and top it off, when its low it can tend to foam up and look mucky.
You want the multi layer metal lim gasket with new LIM bolts, the dealer sells a compleate kit, your you can order them from most parts dealers.

12-24-2008, 08:55 AM
checked the heater core hoses-looked pretty good from where i was at. But i started it to see if i could pinpint the leak a lil better.....smoke is coming out of( not dumping out massivly) the valve cover with the oil fill neck on it. for a second i thought it was coming from around the header, but its lookin like the smoke is coming from all around that valve cover. Not a hundred percent positiv, but thats where i just seen smoke....all in the general area. Any ideas on what this is??