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12-22-2008, 05:25 PM
I have a std '04 grand am, runs great, needs new struts on the front and new brake pads soon. It has dents at the base of the antenna and on the passenger side quarter panel. Anyway, it has 83 500 miles. When should I sell it? Is there a good mileage that appeals to consumers? I would like to sell it as a shiny starter vehicle. Any insight?


12-23-2008, 06:18 AM
its only worth what someone will pay for it, check kelly blue book and put it up for sale. How can we answer this question? We dont know your financial situation. If you dont have enough money to get a new car than keep this one. my god.

12-23-2008, 07:47 AM
I bought my Grand Am at about 80,000, so there is a market out there. If you take care of these cars, they will last well into the 100,000s of miles. Just depends on the market really.

12-23-2008, 09:56 AM
mine lasted till 101K the only flaw i had was a power steering pump dying on me... other than that... its been boosted for last 2K miles...

tony t
12-27-2008, 06:40 PM
100 k? heck! i would say 175 or even 200K MILES EASLY i Have a 93 grand am with over 150k miles and runs strong like a bull,offcourse i take care of anithing before it goes any further,still works like near new !

12-29-2008, 08:12 AM
As long as you still feel comfortable in your old car, then keep it!

i really want the '09 Challenger SE
Would probably cost me about $4000 a year if I sold my Grand Am now for a few thousand.
My '04 GT has 114,000 miles on it and it is paid off now. I would wait another 20,000 miles til i use up the new brakes and tires
I could either run it into the ground for a few more years paying nothing but maintenance. or pay $350 a month for a new car.
as long as repairs don't cost more than a new car loan..i'm going to keep my Grand Am. I need that extra money a month right now
I'd say when it hits 150,000 - 200,000 it's value will be under $1,000
even though it's a black sporty coupe.

12-29-2008, 10:19 AM
Only sports cars are really effected by seasonal attitudes of consumers. For example, more people buy Corvettes in the spring and sell them in the fall than the other way around. Same with motorcycles.
Start selling it now for the price you want, but don't be ain a hurry. The longer you have it on the market, the more likely you are to get your price.

Just get the car as clean as you can, even if that means getting a full detail (including underhood). The majority of consumers don't know much about cars, but they associate "clean" with "works good mechanically." My buddy used to flip firebirds he bought on ebay, and all he would do is detail the inside, throw a coat of wax on the outside, and walk with $1,000 or so on average.