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03-02-2009, 07:55 PM
OK. Here goes. This may sound like a dumb question but...
I am looking inside the engine compartment and, on the firewall I notice a hole. I notice that it is right about the area that, what I think is the rack and pinion (as far as I can tell from my Clymers and Haynes) should be mounted to. Last fall, right before I parked her, I lost my steering. I could turn the wheel 90 degrees before the tires would respond, either direction. I figured the tie rods were going out or something like that. Too busy to do anything to it, I let her sit all winter. Question....does anyone have pictures of the rack and pinion so I know if I am correct. If I am wrong, does anyone know what this object is. I can not post a pic at this time. It is against the firewall, has two rods coming out of the tire well, which attaches to the top of the (brain just seized up) metal oblong thingy that the wheel attaches to. Sorry brain shut down. Any help to my rambling is appreacheated.