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03-10-2009, 08:56 PM
Since i changed my LIM gasket ive noticed a HUGE drop in gas mileage. Like ive gone 400 miles and used 2 tanks of gas. Granted this is no "scientific" measurement, but it should be a bit better than this considering the way and type of driving i do. I woulda thought injector problem or wasnt plugged in, but i would be throwing a lean code or missfire or SOMETHING. and it runs fine. Im gonna try changing the O2 sensors and fuel filter before i do something huge, with any luck thats all it is. Ill pull the spark plugs and see if they are gonna tell me a story on what may be going on too. Its gotta be something.. this car didnt use fuel like this untill the change..

No coolant in the oil though!! HOORAY!!