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03-25-2009, 11:56 AM
Well I looked all over the site before I replaced my radiator, to see what I was getting into, and didn't see anything anywhere so I decided to post how it went.

For starters it was far more time consuming and difficult than any other radiator I have ever changed. (seeing as I am not the mechanical type) I did a lot of searching on the internet to find a radiator and compared about 20 different prices before I finally went with a radiator from Napa (http://www.napaonline.com/) that offered me a 5 year warranty on the radiator. For those that don't have a Napa (http://www.napaonline.com/) nearby, the cheapest one I found on-line was through Radiator-Outlaw (http://www.outlawradiator.com/?cmp=googaw&cmptype=radiators#priceresults) for $82.00.


There were a couple things that were really difficult with removal. All of the plastic on the front of the car had to come off (ram air insignia, ram air intake, 3 other misc. plastic pieces)( Be sure to keep all of your plastic pins) I also had to remove that battery as well as the battery plate. All hoses had to come off (be sure to drain first), including tranny lines (be sure to plug up), and Fan Wires (need to be unclipped prior to removal).

There are 2 bolts in front of the radiator behind the headlights (do not remove headlights) that were extremely difficult to get to. There was only about 6 inches of room in the groove where I could get my hand in order to remove them. Be careful when removing as there are 2 clips in the bottom of the radiator that could puncture your condenser if you aren't paying attention when pulling it out. You have to apply a significant amount of pressure pushing the radiator towards the engine in order to remove the two main bolts which adhere to the frontal frame.

After putting the new radiator in and beginning to fill with Dex-Cool make sure the car is warmed up before adding coolant. This insures that the thermostat opens and closes properly as sometimes when the radiator is changed it is a good idea to change the thermostat, but not necessary especially with the time consumption involved with changing the thermostat.

Well I hope this helps someone in the future....


03-25-2009, 01:06 PM
damn it does sound hard to replace

07-05-2014, 10:14 PM
I had no idea that I would have to remove the front fender and some other plastics, in order to get that radiator out.

Thank you so very much!!!