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03-26-2009, 09:42 PM
so this is kinda stupid, but anyways. i got pissed at my girlfriend a while back and punched my steering wheel. my horns then were stuck on. they went off after a while but i have been putting this repair off for to long and i want my horns back. i am wondering where or if i need a new steering wheel cause i know that i probably screwed up the horn switch inside the steering wheel. help!

03-27-2009, 05:45 AM
The horn switch is inside the airbag, it is not something I would recommend messing with personally but if you need to get it out follow these steps:

Disconnect the negative cable
Pull the fuse for the airbags
Look at the top of each fuse panel on the drivers and passengers side, you will see two yellow wires. Pull the pins (blue and orange) and disconnect the couplings

Walk away for at least a half hour

Pop off the clamshell around the steering column
Take off the 'boobs' for extra room to work
Insert a long T30 ratchet into the holes on the back of the steering wheel at the 3 & 9 position and remove the bolts. They will fall inside the wheel, that is OK.
Pull the airbag out gently
Disconnect the wires, to remove the horn wire depress the plastic and twist either right or left and pull out.
I think there are some bolts to undo but then you can pull the cover off the airbag, dont mess up the folded airbag.
Inspect the horn switches.

To put it back together do everything in reverse but when you get to pushing the airbag back in lightly tighten the two Torx bolts into the back of the airbag before you push it in. When you push it back they will lock into the whiteish circles in the steering wheel and then you tighten them from behind.

Avoid punching the car in the future, girls are not worth it...lol