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03-31-2009, 07:12 PM
ok experts, i have a question. I have found a steering wheel with radio controls that i can get to replace mine without the controls, removing it is seeming to be a bit more dificult than the straight forward removal of my dodge daytonas.

what exactly do i need to do to remove this wheel, im not finding nuts in the back to remove to get the airbag like i thought would be there. then the next question is, what else do i need to remove for the radio controls?

thank you in advance


03-31-2009, 07:34 PM
I hope youve disconnected the negative batt cable and pulled the airbag cords in the fuse shouldnt even think of touching them until you do and then walk away for 30 minutes.

The 'nuts' holding the airbag in are Torx 30 screws. They will fall into the wheel when they are out. To put the airbag in just twist them into the airbag a bit and then insert the airbag into the wheel and finish tightening them from behind.

Once the airbag is out of the way theres a big nut (21 MM IIRC) that has to come off. Once that is off you have two options. Option one is to wiggle the wheel back and forth while pulling on it after dousing the spindle with PB Blaster and letting it soak(it took me 2 minutes). The JY car I pulled my wheel off of took me two hours of wiggling because they didnt have a puller for me to borrow. Just keep rocking it side to side as you pull towards you and it will eventually come off. Or you can buy/rent a wheel puller and go that route.

You must also take the steering wheel clockspring from your donor car. Its a realy PITA to replace it unless you get creative with the airbag wiring but you will need to take the dash off the donor car to get it out as it is clipped in up near the windshield. It has the wiring necessary to interface with the radio. Other than the clockspring your car should already be prewired for the controls if you have a Monsoon headunit.

03-31-2009, 07:50 PM
thanks for the reply...

first as for the disconnecting the the power.... the car has nothing past the windshield... and by nothing i literally mean

the torx screws, are they behind the wheel? i was just simply have an issue finding them, Ive pulled wheels before and am just stuck on this one..

as for the monsoon.. NO.. my car is a 2000 and the donor scrap pile is a 99

04-01-2009, 05:44 AM
Ok...well when you put the wheel in your car you need to disconnect all the power and stuff I mentioned so you dont have your bag go boom in your face.

The torx screws are behind the wheel, there are two of them and are located at about 9 and 3 when the wheel is straight. There are some half moonish holes and the heads of the screws can be accessed through those. They are recessed fairly deep so you either need a long torx socket or a set of allen wrench style torx. Going the second route you put the long end of the allen style in until its locked inside the bolt and the put vice grips on the small end for leverage. It sucks but it beats buying a set of torx sockets.

I wouldnt quote me on this but Im not sure that the systems without Monsoons are compatible with steering wheel controls. It never hurts to pull it out though but you are still going to have to take the dash out of the doner car to get to all the wiring that is attached to the clockspring. I was lucky enough to find an 01 (same model as mine) to pull my wheel out of...both had monsoon radios.

Does you car have monsoon? If so then youre set.