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04-16-2009, 12:16 PM
SO heres the story..

I recently purchased a new/used engine for my Grand am the 3400. The engine only has 87000 km's and was maintaned very well until the vehicle was written off by insurance provider. The donor car was a 2003 impala. my old engine ran fine however the km's were real high (260,000) for my likeing and plans for it.

Over the weekend i installed the engine aswel put a new belt on and tensioner and timing chain gasket set due tot he fact i had to use my old timing chain cover because for some reason the new engine never hqad a spot for 1 pulley that was requird and i couldn't use the impalas setup because one mounting point got in the way. but anyways now when i start the car and drive it alot of the time the rpm's fluxuate about 100-200 rms when at idle give or take sometimes and sometimes when i give it gas it will sometimes almost seems s if it takes a second to go and then just goes or as almost as if it goes to die and just takes off hard to explain.

i never had these problems prior to engine swap just looking for any advice to fix this as it was not there before??


04-16-2009, 01:59 PM
just wanted to say congrats on the swap. what was the hp on the impala 3400? I know the # fluctuate a bit depending on the vehicle.

04-17-2009, 08:15 AM
thanks man! as far as i know the 03 impalas had 180 HP arrox same as grand am any really differences would probably be in the tuning of the pcm and the exhaust etc. id imagine.

last night was went for a cruise on the highway took it to around 5000 RPM's all of a sudden the low coolant light came on so i pulled over to check it and so much smoke came out from nder the car and the hood it looked like it was on fire. so oday im going to have t go out there and see what went wrong i think its just a coolant hose and i hope thats all it is:p

p.s anyhone have any ideas on the rpm issue?