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05-02-2009, 07:50 AM
Where my car was vandalized , i will be getting it repaired by gm, so i want DETAIL info as to a few things i might be able to take apart / remove before they get at it , and eliminate the chance those monkeys don't damage things.

i am not very mechanicial inclined but still may give some things ago if straight forward rather easy.

i know how to remove my 4dr front drivers door interior panel and clear plastic behind it. and just twist tie up the power switch panels so they don't fall all over the place.

do they need to remove the glass and what esle do they need to remove in order to replace the door lock cylinder.

also the key ignition cyl needs to be replaced. the trim plate around ihgnition/stereo, i will have the trim guy remove , since he knows to to do it carefully.

i want to make sure they fool with the actual dash as less as possible , because the known peeling / lifting dash / separation problem that tend to occur with them in certian areas .
like my dash is doing up by the bottom part of windshield. i would ather not a have them prying away at any part of the dash.

it apears the there trim guy will not be the same guy who will be working on replacing of the door cyl or ignition cyl....

both door lock cyl and ignition do work no problem but were they fooled with both i would be smart to be safe and replace them. plus were they snapped off the end of a flat head screw driver trying to get car started. tip of screw driver found on floor.

so what esle do they need to take apart to replace that ignition cyl etc ???

do they need to get at the fuse box under the hood near driver's fire wall. i ask because i would rather not have to remove my highly polished and easily scratchable STB bar.

i know they will have to remove one of the cables to the battery.

PICTURES WILL HELP ME UNDERSTAND the BEST and step by step info . i really hope you guys can help.