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06-17-2009, 04:37 AM
was working on the car (2000 GT) radio. turned the key on to move the shifter to low to get it out of the way to pull the center consol part. Got the radio done, put the console back on. Then put the shifter back in park. Went to the turn the key off and it was really hard to turn. Turned a little harder and finally got it off. I then finished putting back together, started the car and moved it out of the barn.
Then the next day went to leave and the key won't turn. I've done some searches and tried to check the cable down in the shifter area. I see a cable on top/left. kind of looks like a bike brake cable. Also, saw the black motor looking seloniod thing on the bottom left. Tried unhooking the selonoid from the ball socket the rear and pushed and pulled on it. key still wouldn't turn. unplugged the plug on the front top of the selonoid. No luck either.
Any more ideas ?
Am I pulling on the right cables?