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09-23-2009, 03:12 PM
ive been reading up on the LX9 swap a bit. Since this current 3.4 is giving me so much trouble. Plus there is a very much bad rattle going on. Might just be loose rockers from the LIM change.. but back to topic. Ive found the motor and its accessories on Ebay for 700ish delivered to my garage door. Anywhere from 30k to 50k miles.

Havent really seen anything about it, but can i use the accessories that come on the 3.5 or do i have to swap over the 3.4 stuff?

Also, probably been answered, i tend to forget a lot of stuff when i read, but do i use the factory computer and harness or the 3.5???? I think i read about somebody mentioning that they had their old computer tuned to accept the changes from the old to new.

Now im by no means a expert on cars, but im far from an idiot and will do this myself. But i will have questions im sure, much like these. And i just ask for a little patience with me. I used the SEARCH function btw, some questions were kinda answered, but still a little fuzzy. Ill check out 60degreev6.com or whatever it is to, see what they have to say on the subject.