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01-12-2010, 05:29 PM
Aaron GTR this one is for you lol and many more of u. i still have the same issue and yes im the dude with the crankshaft position sensor issue. well, i finally wanted to see what some real mechanics would say so went to midas and asked them. they think it could be all the way from an ignition switch, to wiring, to a ground and i dont even know if this is worth trying to fix cuz the car is at 201XXX lol. i got my moneys worth out of it but here goes... i drove this car over 800 miles WITHOUT a miss and just out of the blue, it strikes back. when i drive it will miss on and off sometimes pretty bad. when im sitting at a stoplight sometimes the car will just die. start it back up no issues. start to go, then it will die. now the car has never died under 2 thousand RPM yet.(keyword yet) and when it misses, sometimes my RPM gage goes crazy sometimes it wont. when it does my SES light blinks, my oil light and battery light blink. this is why i think its an electrical issue. i replaced the crankshaft positioning sensor (24x) and still have issues. i have not yet replaced the 7x sensor (this one reads above four thousand rpms or something. now look at the fact that i am 17 and dont have very much money to spend. i did ALL the work on this car myself and bought it with 184000. i love my grand am to death and hate to part with it, but at this point is it really worth trying to pay 80 bucks an hour for a mechanic to try to diagnose it? lol. o btw, i have railroad tracks by my house and it was flippin out, but after i hit these at 60, problems gone and didnt miss once more... if you ask me i think its a ground, but i dont know where to begin... would you recommend replacing the sensor at this point? i mean there is a line on when you stop putting money into a car with this many on it. but at the same time, i really want to keep this car for at least another few months if not more. have any of you had an issue like this? this one is beyond me if its more then a connection or ground.. thanks!

01-12-2010, 07:44 PM
It's allways worth it until a rod comes out the side of the block!

Sounds to me like you're willing to do what you can, so:

1 - Get a Haynes manual or such to refer to
2 - Get a basic set of tools and someplace dry and maybe warm to work
2.5 - Disconnect the battery ground (black) cable
3 - Start by making sure the battery cables and connections are ALL clean and tight. Generally you'll need to disconnect each connector, clean with a wire brush or such, then re-assemble (preferably with a light coating of "Battery Grease").
4 - Pull all fuses (one at a time please) and check for corroded connections. Unless they look real bad they can go back in.
5 - Go all around the engine and check all electrical connections. Most GM connectors are sealed and have a latch of some sort holding them on, be careful not to break any. Look for any signs of filth or corrosion problems and then re-connect.
5.5 - You can reconnect the battery now
6 - Stop and make sure everything works before going any further.

Doing all this might take a couple of hours, take it slow and easy. Refer to the book/diagrams as you go and you'll be learning what/why all those wires exist. All this maintainace and checking is to eliminate as many headaches later as possible. You may find you want to clean/scrub things as you go, don't be afraid to use a lot of paper towels as this is how you find any possible leaks and such, all that oily dirt isn't good.

I'm betting that doing the above will take care of the flakyness, but if not there's more that can be done before wasting/spending real money. Good luck!!

01-12-2010, 08:21 PM
Hmm... yeah, it's always possible it could be a loose main grounding point from the harness somewhere or corrosion causing a bad connection. Having it come and go over bumps like that would seem to indicate something loose or a cracked and shorting wire somewhere maybe. Could even be the pcm going bad.

I'd say as long as it normally drives pretty good and there is nothing mechanically wrong with the car, then it is always worth giving it a shot to fix it. The biggest problem with fixing electrical issues like this usually aren't cost, but the time tracking them down and fixing them. If you can't find the issue yourself though and you do end up deciding to have a mechanic work on it, I wouldn't take it to someplace midas or any old shop. You'll need a GM dealer of someplace that specializes in GM cars so they will have the factory diagnoses manuals and experience with the electrical system in your vehicle.