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02-16-2010, 02:10 AM
So here's what happened. There was a big snow storm here in Jersey and I, driving a sedan, got stuck in the snow a few times. A couple times I was able to have people help me get pushed out, but otherwise I was alone and had to try to get it out myself. I was stuck in a parking lot that wasnt cleared very well and I couldn't get out. I ended up trying to rock the car back and forth by backing up a little stopping and then throwing it in drive and vice versa. I think this put some strain on the transmission because right after I drove off I noticed that the transmission would stay in second gear longer and the engine would rev up to maybe 3500-4000 RPM before shifting under normal conditions. If I gave it just a little bit more gas it would sometimes even jump up to 5000 or higher before shifting. The thing is that even though it revs up so high, it seems as maybe 10% of that power is getting to the wheels (compared with how it used to be). I think it does the same thing on a smaller scale in 3rd gear too. It's not consistent either. Sometimes it shifts almost like it used to and sometimes it seems to "slip" as described before. The best way I can think to describe it is that it's like being in gear with a manual transmission but only letting out on the clutch a little bit. The car will still speed up very slowly but the clutch will slip a lot. It's a 2001 Grand Am SE w/ 2.4L and auto transmission. Sorry for the long write up. Thanks!!