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03-16-2010, 09:10 PM
Looking for advice on installing my body kit on my 99 g/a gt. front and back are vader2 i believe (bought used with a realllly bad paint job) and side skirts are bmx. Front and back look pretty much bolt on but any advise would be greatly appreciated as i dont want to be the guy flying down the highway with my kit flappin like a birds wings. My major concern is the sideskirts! These look to be a job and a half! Does the factory need to be removed for this style b/c i dont think there is any way these will mold on without severe modification, bought them used but sideskirts were never mounted. Any advise will be greatly appreciated. And since im posting ill keep my questions rolling as its my first post and it took forever to be accepted. svs light is on for daytime running lights. im thinking its b/c of the hid's i installed and they only have low beam, any fix's to kill light w/o changing hid's? ses light throwing evap code and its not gas cap? no wear in hoses underneath.?. Also door locks freeze and door will not shut after i wash my baby in well below freezing temps (sux, i refuse to ride dirty and cant find a seal leak and carry a torch in my trunk! Last but not least my gas cap area of rear fender is ROTTED. about 1.5 in underneath the whole bottom half is gone! any tips on what to frame it with before laying some fiberglass or am i just wasting my time and should atempt the cutting out and welding in new metal? Sorry for all the ? and i have read a lot of older posts before posting ( thanx gagt.com for helping me fix my heat selector switch relay, finding cheap hid's, and 2 great websites to buy g/a parts!) I Love my g/a and have only had it 4 months, im putting a lot of money in it but that 3400 runs pretty good for what it is! So Its a keeper!

03-17-2010, 12:42 PM

i think u should keep the factory bumpers on...

for the drl...go to the bcm or whatever it's called under the dash on the pass. side, cut and ground the dark blue wire...it will disable the drl and svs will go off

03-17-2010, 01:28 PM
Thanx! Factory front is currently damaged beyond repair and rear is cracked, got a deal on vader so going for it. I love the sc/t but not gonna happen in near future unless i cant stand this kit once installed. It is a bit much! but kind of what im going for.