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03-20-2010, 10:57 AM
Found a guy selling a 3400 out of a 02 GT and a tranny out of a 04 with only 64000 miles. Selling the tranny for 300 and the motor for another 100. I could probably haggle my way down farther still. Whats a realistic rebuild cost of the engine? Just 100% stock parts. Most likely the full valve train, bearings, rings, and gaskets. Unless more would be needed im not going to mess with it.

Is there something different with the 04 engine/tranny? I found one rebuild kit for the engine ( with parts listed above) for about 650 with new timing set as well. But it says something like 98 to 03? it stopped at 03 i know that much. So whats the difference? Or is their info just incorrect?

Im looking to keep it on the cheap. The cars not worth much so if this whole project will cost me over 1500 or so, then ill drive it till it dies then junk it. My current engine is sounding kinda sick on acceleration. Almost like marbles or something is loose. Could a resonator on the exhaust make a sound like that? I already replaced the cat, but didnt mess with that. Maybe the bolts just need to be tightened or something.

Assuming the engine wont need any machine work, from what i see it will cost me a weekend to rebuild ( in my basement i dont have 100% correct tools) plus another week or so of nights to install. And as far as greenbacks... not looking to good. 300 for the engine trans combo, 650 for the kit. thats 950 as is and leaves only about another 500 or so bucks to get it back and running. Whats a torque converter run on these cars?

sugar ray
03-20-2010, 02:04 PM
the marbles sound is usually a bad flex plate or a torque converter on the way out. Just curious......if the engine you may buy off this dude is strong why even rebuild it? Just drop it in and go, that would be the ultimate cheapest. Lots of work though, all be it, a engine swap is my favorite thing to do on a vehicle.

keep us posted:hay:

03-20-2010, 02:20 PM
its already pulled apart to some stage. Might just have heads off. No mileage was listed on the motor.

it would make since for it to be the TC, it keeps locking and unlocking. I have a thread about it somewhere with a video in it. Jumps around 4 or 500 RPM at most, but its a HUGE annoyance.

question.. How common is it for the rockers to come loose after the LIM gasket fix? I didnt even take them off so they were where they belong, but maybe they came a bit loose and thats what im hearing? my first thought says no cause it runs fine

sugar ray
03-22-2010, 02:42 AM
A rocker causing your MARBLES sound is doubtful. Although.....when the LIM gasket is changed it is necessary to loosen off the rockers to get at the push rods. Remember, the LIM gasket wraps around and through the rods so you have NO choice but to loosen off the rockers. Torquing them back down to specs should ensure no issues after the new gasket was installed. The ONLY vehicle that I ever owned that gave me the marbles sound was my hot rod 79 Trans Am. It was acting similar to your problem. I tracked the problem down and found out my flexplate/flywheel had warped over time. After replacing it all was good and the sounds went away. If you do suspect the flexplate you may want to address the issue ASAP. Cause, if it lets go you nor anyone within 50 feet within your car will want to be around! They explode like grenades! Does it sound like under hood or tranny area?

I only have 95,000Kms on my 02. Once I discovered the LIM gasket was bad I pulled the engine apart. Didn't want to leave any stone unturned so I decided to pull the heads and change the head gaskets while I was in there. I was surprised to see how badly pitted the valves were for such low miles but then again that's wear and tear for ya. Just waiting on some valve seals from the parts store. I have ported out the heads and intake ports. Can't wait to feel the difference.

My work still in progress......I hope to have it back together within the next week or two, work schedule pending


03-22-2010, 06:40 PM
there is deffinatly a sound, but it sounds more like its from the accessory area. And mostly the power steering pump. i can take the cap off and it gets a bit louder. unless the fluid is simply acting like a speaker. i can see i have a main seal leak. however its very minor. Small enough that im not gonna mess with it. Im not sure what i want to do. Im really hopeing to get rid of the car in a few months.

I get off work late so i cannot call a tranny shop to price a replacement torque converter and flexplate. Ive seen the TC for about 200, havent priced the flex plate however. I figure another 200 or even 350.

03-22-2010, 07:53 PM
Sounds like marbles and gets louder when you take off the P/S cap...

Sounds like a power steering pump going out.

One way to check is to remove the belt from the alternator pulley and spin each pulley by hand. You'll feel bad bearings when spinning a pulley like this. If all of them feel good then its likely the power steering pump having an issue. Cavitating due to old age. That's a cheap fix.