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03-27-2010, 09:01 AM
The dome light stays on unless you have it in the off position on the switch. When it is in the door position it is on all of the time. I know the front doors have the switch in the latch, and the rear doors have the switch which pushes in when the rear doors are closed.

I anticipate the latch for the drivers door has a bad switch. To fix this you have to replace the whole latch.....spendy

1. How do I test the front door switches which are containted in the latch?
2. Can the switch be fixed without replacing the whole latch on the front doors?


gagt Mechanic
04-15-2010, 09:19 PM
you could have a broken wire in the loom for your door jam. Ive seen that many times. try spraying some wd40 in the latch and open and shut the door a few times to see if that help. if so its your latch. fords have a huge problem with this.