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03-30-2010, 06:03 PM
Cars getting a bit hot today in rush hour. ( for a damn hour..) Its around 70 or so degrees. Hit what seemed to be 230ish. Fans are not comming on i found when i got home. All i did was keep it running that hot and popped the hood. Nothing. So i turned the AC on and they both kicked on pretty damn quick it seemed. As far as the fan speed itself, not the much lower speed. So i turned the car off and swapped relays around for a what the hell kinda thing. They work NOW. So i guess i have a relay either going out or just had a bad connection. I also checked the two smaller mini fuses. Both are fine.

So, having said what i said... coolant temp sensor isnt at fault. Right? Because i switched them and it worked fine. Temp stayed nice and low again. So by my book, its fine.

Also. The black pipe that goes from the rear valve cover to the air intake. The grommet on the valve cover just evaporated on me. I assume it either fell in the cover or out. My luck in. Would that be a problem? I guess it really comes down to how small the pieces are. I would think as long as its still in at least 3 pieces it would be ok.. Other than maybe messing with the springs. Thoughts questions concerns?

On the plus side though.. i still have coolant free oil!

gagt Mechanic
04-15-2010, 09:16 PM
high speed fans should turn on at about 235-240 if the only thing you did was swap relays i would be on a poor connection.
It is never good to have pices of anything in your valve covers. it will brake down and you could clog an oil passage.