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04-14-2010, 10:32 PM
my manifolds are leaking and before i replace the gaskets i want to make sure there isnt anything i need to watch out for or tricks or tips in doing this.

Questions: am i removing studs from the heads, or nuts off the studs and the manifolds sliding off the studs? anybody had issues with these stripping?

I just dont want to get half way into this and screw something up that could have been prevented and end up paying way more to get it fixed.

sugar ray
04-14-2010, 10:54 PM
I just did the LIM gasket on my 02. While I was in there I decided to go one step further and change the head gaskets as well. Glad I did as one of the gaskets were suspect. Anyways.....I DID manage to snap one of the studs upon removal. It was NOT overly a big deal in my case since the head was coming off anyways. However, I still had to tap and re-thread as part of the stud that snapped off was still in the head. Something YOU want to avoid as you only want to change the gasket.

It was the FIRST stud that I tried that snapped then I got wise. I assume the nuts have NEVER been taken off those studs before? If that is the case then grab yourself a can of liquid wrench and spray the hell out of them. Then get a socket I believe its a 5mm that you can fit on the end of the stud. Hold the end of the stud with the 5mm socket that will fit on. Next grab a 13mm wrench and while still holding the socket on the end of the stud loosen the nut. If you try and just loosen the nut by itself the stud will want to come with it and that is where she snapped on me. By holding the stud in place while loosening eliminates this problem.

Hope this helps a bit

04-14-2010, 11:09 PM
that does help, thanks.

anyone else?

04-14-2010, 11:34 PM
when i did my gaskets two of the studs were snapped off about 4 threads deep with out even touching them when i removed the heat shield I heard them fall off OMFG

took me about 4 drill bits a removed radiator and 3 hours to get the broken studs out

i keep one of the snapped studs like a trophy lol couldnt imagine if it had happend in the backside of the engine bay :-0

2000 GT Coupe
04-15-2010, 11:16 AM
All of mine did what sugar said, the nut backed off to a point then the stud unscrewed. However none of mine broke.

04-15-2010, 03:34 PM
The nut is supposed to come off the stud which stays in the head and the exhaust manifold then slides off the studs.

As has been stated, sometimes the nut doesn't want to turn though and you end up taking the stud out of the head... not a big deal really. Just break them apart while off the head and clean the threads up so the nut will turn like it should. Sometimes the studs actually break too. Not so good as it pretty much requires taking the heads off to fix. Try and avoid this as best you can. Use LOTS of penetrating oil on the nuts before trying to take them off. Better yet let the oil sit on them for a while and soak in.

04-16-2010, 12:51 PM
Soak the hell out of them bolts... I broke 2 taking putting my turbo manifolds on after taking hold ones off... they were rusted in there... we soaked rest in pb blaster and they came out fine

04-16-2010, 12:58 PM
Use Areo-coil if you can get it in your area it makes PB blast look like soda-pop.

my dad uses it to break loose parts on 45yr old fish skinning machines if it can handle that an exaust stud is nothin

05-05-2010, 12:40 PM
well it wasnt the manifold gaskets, i started pulling it apart today and after getting the heat shield off i started to turn the bolt where the leak was coming from, andddddd it fell out almost immediately. so ive got a broken stud in the head, I called several exhaust shops in my area and only one said theyd be able to get it out. So it goes in tomorrow morning simply because i dont have the motivation to do it myself.:bleep: