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04-17-2010, 04:12 PM
Hey guys, wondering if one of you might know what is wrong with my 01 gt. Basically what happened was yesterday when I was out my car stalled out on me a few times usually specifically when i had cut the wheel to the left or right.

After leaving the car for about an hour and a half it worked fine and I was able to get it back home. About 20 minutes after getting it home I tried to move it again and it was stalling out when the wheel was cut and when shifting from drive to park but not when reverse to park.

Today I was able to go about 15 miles without any incident and after getting to my destination trying to move it 5 minutes later produced the same problem.

Any clue what the problem is? It appears to only happen when the engine is fully heated up to about 200-205, when its cooler is when it performs fine.

I was told it could possibly be the Torque Converter Clutch and or the TCC solenoid. Think this is the cause? Could possibly flushing the fluid fix it? What you experts think?

Thanks for your help

Twiztid Metal
04-25-2010, 04:08 AM
Try the battery or alternator. Mine is having issues right now too, It will drive on a full battry charge and go about 20 miles befor the volts drop too low to power the car, my alternator is the problem, its not charging my battry as I drive, so when the volts drop too low, my car acts funny, first i have ABS / Break light come on, then a Service engin soon light come on, then the battery and then everything cuts out and wants too stall on me..... i then have no controlle of the car at that point and have to edge it to the sholder of the road. currently in the pole barn ready to be fixed on monday.

hopefully this helps.....