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05-01-2010, 03:41 AM
First let me say that I know practically nothing about cars so please be easy with me.

I had a car alarm & remote starter (Viper 5901) with a Passlock bypass module. After a few months. the alarm started acting up and it would always just go off after arming it. So today 1 of my friends looked at the module and brain and pressed a reset button on the bypass module thinking it would fix the alarm problem.

After a few hours, I had to go somewhere so when I tried turning on the car with the remote start, nothing happened so I turned it on with my key and it worked. I drove a few blocks down to stop somewhere for 2 minutes and when I came out, I tried starting my car again and it wouldn't work....not with the remote start or the key.

All lights turn, headlights, etc, and the car "sparks" (whatever that means). But the engine doesn't crank at all. I hear a little humming for a second and that's it. My uncle from a different state came by (this was at 1am and we tried working on it til 4am) and completely took my car alarm off because we thought the bypass module was responsible for it. But the car still won't start...eventually a "Security" light came on and started flashing. He thinks it's the "Passlock system" (he's a mechanic) but we didn't have the tools or the time to fix it since his flight back home is actually in a few hours.

I'd just like to confirm with you guys to see if he's right about it. If he is, is there anything I can do myself to fix this? Remember, I know NOTHING about cars. The most I've done was hook up an aftermarket radio. I'm desperate for some advice.

05-01-2010, 06:02 AM
Yeah, it's a pretty common issue unfortunately. Check out the following how-to to bypass the system: