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05-01-2010, 09:58 PM
Im thinking its a bad intake manifold gasket.

Any Advice?

Not sure how heavy the leak is.

I Filled the tank to the point it was flowing out less than 2 days ago. And It was down to 1/4 of the amount today.



Im just trying to keep collant in it till i can get it looked at.

Damn. I Spelled coolant wrong. Ugh.

sugar ray
05-02-2010, 02:52 AM
Yes my friend! It appears that you may have fallen victim to the infamous LIM (Lower Intake Manifold) gasket. Some blame Dex cool, but most blame a poorly designed gasket. Causing the 2000-2004 3.4 (3400) motors found in Grand Am's, Vans etc.... to need a replacement gasket. It's NOT a matter of "will I get lucky" It seems to be a matter of "when will this happen?" GM was actually sued over this matter. However, by the time the lawyers get their fee and the amount of leg work you would have to do, would mean pennies.

I just finished replacing my LIM gasket on my 02 last month. Thanks to the help and advice of some knowledgeable members on this board.

Having done it, I can offer this piece of advice. When you go to buy your gasket kit, get the the Fel-Pro kit. It costs more BUT will save you from having to do this again. Some early LIM gasket replacements resulted in yet another change cause some mechanics just replaced the poorly designed gasket with yet again another poorly designed GM gasket.

you want Part #MS98003T

If you are at all mechanically inclined you should be able to get most of the job done yourself. If you get stuck at any point, seek advice. The biggest thing is getting the push rods back in their correct positions. If done yourself, shouldn't take you longer then a couple of days over a weekend. You will have to decide while you are in there, if you want to replace the head gaskets. A bad head gasket may also be causing you coolant loss. I changed mine while I was in there, just one of those things that you may as well do while there.

This was set up from a member on this board. Extremely valuable and an excellent step by step :applause: The entire thread offers good information


You can do this job yourself for about $300 (new lim gasket kit, head gaskets, Dex cool, oil, filter, misc.....) Expect to pay anywhere between $1100 - $1300 at a shop.:attention

Best of luck of you take on this job yourself. Don't drive too long with a bad gasket. The last thing you want is for coolant to enter your crank case and take apart your motor.

05-02-2010, 04:56 AM
are you able to take a pic of where the leak is?
we could maybe tell you if it is a LIM gasket or head gasket.

05-02-2010, 01:26 PM
The fact that you smell coolant burning means it could possibly be a headgasket or a leak that's dripping onto the exhaust.

Pictures would help if possible.

05-02-2010, 06:44 PM

Its Sunday and my coolant was all gone.

Brought it in to tires plus. Big mistake. But they were the only place open and space to fit me in. They found 2 leaks. Water pump. And heater core. They charged me an arm and a leg just for a diag. Coolant flush and replacement of pump. They raped me almost 300 bucks. And that's not even including the core. Luckily I work for a company called radpro and got a new core for less than $30. Now to find someone inclined enough to do the job. Water pumps in. Seeems to be holdin a lot more fluid but the leak from the core was terrible. I checked it out when they had it up.

As for the gasket. Not sure. They said it might be leaking. But because of all the fluid they couldn't tell if it was the gasket or just the fluid being splashed around. Ill spray the car down after I get the core in to see if there is still a leak.

If it wasn't for me lacking experience and the fact I had a tires plus credit card, I would told them to suck on it.


05-03-2010, 05:40 PM
Update 2

My cars running at normal temps.

It's still not leaking too much coolant at this point. Havent had to fill it since i got the new water pump thrown in.

I found a professional install for less than $150 on that heater core. I really lucked out on this one.

Ps. Tires plus must be destroyed!