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08-05-2010, 10:45 PM
So today i installed my speedo overlay that i got from aiixon and everything was going great until i went to test everything and for some reason my fog lamps dont work now

i checked all fuses, all wires everything is good

the dimmer switch works great the blue LED went out but i put the stock bulb back in and still nothing

what could be the problem?

Also dont want to start a new thread so i am going ask another question

What is the easiest way to calibrate the needles? what i did is turn the key to acc, that makes speedo, and tach go to zero so i put them on and set them to zero and then i turned on the car and let it idle and i made sure the needle was at my normal idle speed (750) and the speedo right a zero.

i drove it with my GPS and i was literally like 1/2 to 1 mph off so not to worried about that

did the same to gas and temp, i was on E for gas so set that i went and filled up and usually it goes past full but it seems to went way past F

and temp i would usually run at or just below 200 now i run like 210 215

so question again is what is the best and easiest way to calibrate the temp and gas cus my tach and speedo is fine for me

08-06-2010, 01:48 PM
Does the light on your fog light switch come on when u turn it on?

08-06-2010, 02:41 PM
no nothing happens when i flip the switch

08-06-2010, 03:45 PM
okay i looked at the wiring diagram, the fog lamps have a relay, you might need to test that if you know how to.

Theres also a 10 A fuse that powers that relay. from looking at the diagram there should be 3 wires that plug into that switch, Blk/Wht - ground, Org - switch, PPL - runs from the relay to the switch and turns on the indicator light.

So i would start at the fuse, test it, if it passes, make sure the relay clicks when it gets power, if the relay is bad then your going to have to check the wiring.

On Pontiac's the fog light switch has nothing to do with the instrument panel...

Also make sure its plugged in lol!

08-06-2010, 10:15 PM
lol ya it is all plugged in

thanks for the research i will have to work on it tomorrow when i am off
that is why it was so puzzling to me that we didnt touch anything for the fog lights and i put in the overlay and now they dont work

thanks again and when i test everything i will get back to ya and let you know what i find

08-06-2010, 11:03 PM
Regarding the needles -- the best way would be to use a scan tool.

08-10-2010, 05:29 AM
Did you get your fog lights working?
What was the cause?

08-10-2010, 12:32 PM
no havent had time right now to do anything on them
i am off the next 3 days so hopefully i can work on them here soon

if i cant get them to work i am thinking about just getting some aftermarket fogs and replacing the stocks