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08-15-2010, 05:40 PM
Hi all

So awhile back the starter craped out. I replaced it, everything works great until about a week later when it starts to act like its going bad again. Finally it stopped working, didnt make a click nothing. Thought it was maybe a bad starter, took it back to napa, tested good. Brought it back home, put it in and it started up without a problem. Turned it off, went to go start it again, and just made a click sound, after the third try it started again. Figuring bad connection, cleaned all the grounds, connection, battery, batter terminals. Hooked everything up, didnt make a clicking noise nothing. Went back inside, came out while later, it started, but was making a high pitched noise while it was engaging and starting.

Thought maybe it needed to be shimmed, put a shim in, then nothing. Thought well maybe bad ignition switch, got one replaced it, it started everytime after that, but with that same loud noise while it was turing the motor over. And now its back to just clicking, and randomly starting the car. Realized while the starter is actually engaging and cathching the fly wheel, it is arching out.

Im so confused and fed up with this problem anything would be greatly appreciated.

08-15-2010, 08:56 PM
Is the security light on? Is your key down to the brass or whatever the key is made of? If so you may be tripping the passlock system.