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08-22-2010, 02:20 PM
OK. I've been through 15 pages of threads on mounts and here's what I've got on the subjects...

Motor mounts:

The upper (under the CC module) you can get from WOT-Tech which is the billet/poly model.

The lower (dog bone) you can get from RK Sport

Not sure if there are more that are required. Guru's can help me fill this out.

Tranny mounts:

MMS sells a billet/poly mount for the front and don't worry about the back IIAC.

I saw that there are liquid kits that you can get from RMS too.

I'm just trying to collate all the info into one package for folks to make it easier.

BTW, Spy said something about a cherry picker for removing the engine/tranny/exhaust. WTH is this and what does it look like?... lol.

08-22-2010, 09:06 PM
This is a cherry picker. It's a hydraulic engine hoist on wheels that you can roll around. My Dad has one.

That RK sport mount... I think that's for a 4cyl maybe? That or not for our engine at all. V6's don't have a lower engine mount, and we don't have any mounts that look anything like that. We have one upper engine mount, and three transmission mounts. Front, rear, and side. There are a couple places you can get front trans mounts from, and since the engine shifts from to back when the trans shifts, stiffening the front or rear mount does the most to control this. I have an old front tranny mount RSM used to make, and I filled the side and rear mount myself with liquid urethane casting compound. Cheap and easy, and that sucker is stiff now. I can take the engine mount out without a jack under the engine and it barely drops.