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08-29-2010, 06:41 PM
I'm newer to the forums, but I have read just about everything I can think of here. I love this forum and have used it to help with a great many things. Now I'm stumped.... good luck

Coolant leak is on the passenger side engine bay.

I saw it coming from the LIM once.. so.. after 4 days of hell changing it out and getting everything back on/getting it started again (don't ask... battery ground wire and injector o-rings not sealing) she runs great.

LIM gaskets changed, new spark plug wires, new fuel injector o-rings, thermostat, oil, coolant. everything else is torque'd how it needs to be, great!

1 day later after driving it home (taking it slow due to wanting to give the gaskets some time to get used to their new surroundings) I noticed the leak AGAIN..

Came back to the forums to look it up again.. noticed the thread about the water pump core.. and thats where most of the coolant is coming from (that area)

So i changed the pump out (core) in under 30 mins. filled her back up.. everything seems grand. except I do notice the temp gauge getting almost to the 3rd big line.. my brain decides thats a bad thing.. and I start to worry. I've had my heater on this whole time trying to check if the coolant is leaking..

Finally I find a steady stream coming out of what looks like a hole the size of a pin... its directly UNDER the housing for the water pump.. right on the block..

So im thinking great... screwed.. well took off the power steering/water pump again to get to the area. steel wool and a wire brush to get all the rust/grim that was there. no hole that I could find... curious.. but whatever.. sealed the area anyhow with some hightemp gas tank putty type stuff that i've used on countless things over my lifetime..

put everything back on.. fill the coolant. run it maybe 15 mins.. no leak.. refill the coolant again (after its sucked in more) still nothing.. drive it around the block. maybe 2 mins.. it jumps up to the 3rd line again and blows out of some place even I can't find..

The strange part is.. my fans all work.. heater, A/C, no electrical problems I can notice. no murky/cloudy oil. It only did it once..

I drove it 20 minutes back to my apartment.. and it didn't leak once.. still full on coolant (just checked)... it only RANDOMLY leaks... I've checked all my hoses.. actually replaced probably 50% of them. the other 50% were changed within the last year.. I inspected them.. everything seems great...

sorry about the novel.. anyone have a clue? I'm not a mechanic.. I am actually a computer technician that loves anything he can take apart and put back together.. I'm good with tools.. just am stumped on this one..

any ideas would be helpful. something stuck in my coolant causing a rise in pressure then releasing sometimes to be ok?

##edit## 1999 Grand AM GT 3400 3.6L

08-30-2010, 11:24 PM
temporary coolant leak? i am no help! overflow...bad t-stat. it really cant be that easy with what you have done already but throwin it out there. also...whats up medina.....brunswick here... and wtf is this? copy/paste ##edit## 1999 Grand AM GT 3400 3.6L.........