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09-07-2010, 08:44 PM
Ok. I just went through the whole LIM gasket bull s***. Had to replace them twice because the first time we didn't get the heads replaced or fixed because saving money SEEMS like the best thig to do immediately. They turned out to be warped so we needed to almost do the same thing twice.
Everything was fine after that. About a month later (present day) I got a SES light saying either my gas cap is done or vacuum leak. Replaced the cap so Im assuming the leak is still at large. A little after that I noticed a coolant smell. I can smell it when I idle with the windows down and after I turn the engine off and get out. Just tonight before coming home, my coolant light came on. Luckly I had some water from the past month in the car so I topped it off and came home.
My question is, what the f*** is going on? I'm pretty sure the previous owners did nothing maintenance wise. The blower motor resistor is still out (havn't gotten around to it. Not in a hurry for that), the spark plugs and wires were original (just replaced them and the car has 99,500 miles about for a 2001 and some other stuff.
Would these potential problems be a quick fix or should I look into getting a new car that doesn't cost everyone a couple thousand dollars for a s*** cooling system? OR am I just overreacting?