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11-18-2010, 02:38 PM
A week ago I purchased a 00 GA 2.4 on CL for $250. It has 220k on it. The reason it is so cheap is low compression and power loss. The previous owner was knowledgeable and had begun disassembly on it thinking it was a severely blown head gasket or valve issues. He no longer had the time for it so unloaded it to me very cheap. I figured at that price if I could not get it running, I could part it out and easily recoup my investment.

Here is my problem. I have never touched a 2.4 before so this is all new territory.

Previous owner managed to get the timing cover off and stopped there. Today I got out my haynes manual and got to work. I removed the exhaust manifold, the timing chain, and cam gears. I removed what I believe to be all the bolts for the water pump and the back side of the timing case. The issue now is that I am not able to remove either of these two. The timing case is loose on the top and I am able to move it away from the cam towers but the bottom is still obviously held on there. I removed the 4 10mm bolts from the oil pan to the timing case and it is still on there solid. On the water pump I got all of the 8 and 10mm bolts. I removed 3 15mm bolts from the transaxle mount for the pump. The haynes shows 5 in a picture. I can feel one more but it seems like it has a weird shape that does not allow me to get a socket on it. What am I missing here? Also what is the best way to get at this stuff? I am working from the top and it is a total bitch.

Remember in your responses that I have very little experience with this motor so detailed explanations may be necessary.
Thanks for any ideas.

11-18-2010, 03:56 PM
I never got into my 2.4 when I had it, but maybe ask Steve (GAPartsMN or whatever), if he hasn't torn one down, I bet he can get his hands on one, and he's up in Blaine/Ham Lake. I can get you his number if you need it.