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12-05-2010, 01:11 PM
Hi All;

I have a random stall at idle. The car can be sitting idling then the idle starts to go up and down then up then stalls on the down swing. This will happen as your driving and come to a light or a sign sometimes. I had this once before and replaced the fuel pressure regulator. So I replaced it again with no success.

I did put a cpl of cans of fuel injector cleaner threw the car after doing some work on the car. It seemed this all happend after. I did have a check engine lite on I cant realy tell you if this was on before or not. (wifes car) Anyway I threw a scan tool on it last night and the codes were 02 #1 and bank 1 it had a cpl codes like that. I cleared them and it still has stalled with no light yet.

Thought maybe someone else had ideas. Im going to check for a intake leak and do a internal intake leak check withblocking off the pcv and use some carb cleaner in the valve cover. I thought possible too that i could have a random fuel pump problem. I was going to throw a new fuel filter, but dont think that is it , I would expect problems at higher throttle down the road.

12-05-2010, 03:45 PM
Ok I didnt get the fuel filter in yet but I did spray carb cleaner on upper intake gaskets and lower not to forget blocking off pvc and spraying in the valve cover. Im starting to wonder if its the EGR. I noticed it ran fine and its darn cold out so it didnt have a issue till the car warmed up. hmmmm