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01-03-2011, 07:30 AM
I was having problems with my multifunction switch so i removed it and cleaned the contacts so the turn signal would work appropriately. I reinstalled it and put everything together and turned the wheel and the pin in the multifunction switch wasnt in the right spot and bent the hell out of the metal disc that the pin touches to sound the horn. I cant get the switch to sit flush in the bracket since the bent ring rubs on the bottom of the switich preventing it from sitting the right way.

I have a few questions concerning this.

What exactly is the piece that I bent called? A horn assembly?

Is it a relatively easy fix? I know theres airbag systems to deal with so im not even going to try and mess with that.

Has anyone even heard of this being done before and if so do you know how much it runs to take it somewhere to get it fixed, and my warranty is no longer good.

thanks in advance if you can help!