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01-13-2011, 05:57 AM
any one have this problem 99 grand am se 2.4 seems like since i got the car at 170000. I've got a voltage drop so any way heres my symptoms car at 3/4 to fot on take off from stop every upshift from 1st to 2nd dims out the whole electric system regardless of rpm does the electric shifting that big of a drain 1-2nd seems to be the worst of these drops. I cant find any codes except trans range sensor circuit (neutral safety switch )which i couldnt see having a thing to do with it i have a ebcm that lost communication or atleast thats what scan tool says yet my abs works the reason i mention this is the brakes cause a voltage drop no matter what so i am assuming this either got salt in the or some other module /wiring eating substance in either harness or the module :applause: gm on putting that in the lh fender didnt learn your lesson with the cavalier/sunfire pcm. huh? also replacing the air bag sensor. i think it either got wet from the wonder leak in the car btw theres a tsb on this im gonna add later not sure if it had been mentioned but a leak from under a dash seems like a good reason for a recall lol

Any suggestions on this?I have already done a transflush as i thought it might have been a trans lag so rulle that out .