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01-14-2011, 08:05 AM
VERY cold outside this morning. Just got my oil changed and filled my coolant last night because the light came on...i accidentally left the coolant cap off overnight and the car sat outside in 20 degree weather...this morning i could barely turn the car over. had to give it a little gas and it would stay on. as soon as i let off completely, the dash lights would dim and the car would stall, even while going 30mph!!!!.... the car stalled if i let off the gas at stop signs on the way to work also. i had to hold the brake and gas down down a little when i stopped, or put it in neutral to keep the gas peddle pressed just a little. if i let off, DEAD, but lights would stay on so i know its not the battery. I put the coolant cap back on after i had drove about 10 miles, still doing the same thing....any ideas?