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young gun
01-15-2011, 02:42 PM
1. Is the best way to launch putting it in third and trac off?

2. The other night a guy cut me off and i layed on the horn hard. i can't remember if i was still holding the horn when it just stopped working or if it was after but in any event it isn't working now. what should i be checking? the pin in the steering column?

3. How bad is it to be running on warped rotors? well atleast i think they are warped.

4. I have just standard oil. I want to put in a synthetic. is there anything i should be doing special or just drain and throw in the new stuff? also recommendations on oil/filter i'm remembering someone saying that there is a oversized longer filter that works better.

thanks in advance!

01-17-2011, 07:15 AM
1. No. Your car will start in first gear no matter what you have the selector on. All your doing putting it in "third" is keeping it from going into OD.
2. How hard did you slam on the horn? Could have broken or bent one of the contact points in the wheel.
3. Depends how bad the rotor is. In either event, in a hard stop with a warped rotor it could cause you to lose control. Front or rear. Get them turned or replaced.
4. Ive been using either valvoline full synthetic ( I think?) or mobile one with the standard sized wix filter. No special steps needed. Drain old add new.