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01-24-2011, 02:39 PM
Well first let me give ya some background info. Security light started coming over a year ago in the summer time. After many resets, decided to do the Passlock bypass with a resistor. Didn't have a very good connection but the car worked fine. The security light was always on.

A month later, the car locked up on me and wouldn't roll over. The only light on the dash was the SES light and there were no door chimes or radio. After trying a bunch of things, finally decided to get an OBD II reader to check out that light. Soon as I plugged it in, the door chimes came on. Turned the key ahead, the normal lights were on and the radio came on. The car started fine. Had to keep that scanner in the trunk all summer because it locked up half a dozen times.

Got back home here and changed the ignition switch. Took the car to a dealer and they reconnected the yellow wire coming from the ignition switch to the BCM with a chunk of wire. Did the ten minute reset and the security light went out. No problems for the last eight months.

A couple weeks ago, the car was locked up again and wouldn't start. Same problem as before. Only the SES light on, no door chimes or radio, and it wouldn't turn over. Knew right off the bat I needed a code reader to unlock it. Tried the cheap one I got for Xmas but didn't work. Had to disconnect the battery and tighten that spliced in wire to make sure it was connected good. Reconnected the battery and had to do the ten minute reset. Was fine for the last couple weeks. Blamed it on the wire coming loose although that's impossible with the way it's connected.

Today it's -37C outside with the windchill and the car wouldn't start, locked up again. Disconnected the battery for ten minutes and it started fine, didn't have to do the ten minute reset. Now it can't be a loose wire because I didn't touch the wire this time. The Security light isn't on.

Now so far I've only run across two other people in the world that had this problem, one was on these forums. Nobody else including three dealerships has ever heard of this locking up problem. So the BCM is somehow killing all the lights on the dash but lights up the SES. It kills the door chimes, radio, and starter. Can only be unlocked with an OBD II reader that's battery powered, mine runs off the OBD II port in the car so won't work. When the car is unlocked, the SES light goes out with no codes stored. So the light isn't actually being tripped by anything. I've had it scanned with GM's special scanner as well and it showed no history of codes.

What do I do? It has to be related to Passlock but why no door chimes or radio? Passlock have anything to do with them? And how come it's not giving me an option to do the reset? Can I get the BCM reprogrammed because I heard it's fairly expensive to replace it. My remote starter no longer works because I changed the ignition switch. It just trips Passlock now. Where is that resistor located so I can change it?

01-31-2011, 09:33 AM
easiest fix is going to car alarm place and having them bypass the passlock system for you. it should cost you around $75-100 but its worth it.

i had mine done over a year ago and had no problems since.

it only takes them 10 minutes to do it.