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03-01-2011, 07:35 PM
Looking for opinions, 01 GAGT, 145Kcurrently, new plugs and wires about 140K, new fuel filter about 143K. No recent underhood work done to spark the symptoms;

Five days ago during extreme humidity (start of ice storm) SES came on steady while my son was driving. Pulled code p0303 missfire cylinder 3. No apparent running issues when started and drove later that evening. Cleared code, no other symptoms for 5 days. Daughter drove today and complained of a "sputter" while accelerating, did not happen when first started but a few miles later. I drove it tonight, no SES, did "stutter" slightly when first started driving. Put in container of "Heat". Drove 2 blocks and at idle got a "jerk" while idling, felt like it missed. did not do anything abnormal remainder of drive under any conditions.

Area's to look into;
1.) Plugs
2.) Wires
3.) Coils
4.) Fuel filter
5.) Fuel pump
6.) Bad gas

Any other idea's? Appreciate constructive comments, search came up with items above, just looking for something I may have missed. Thanks!

03-01-2011, 07:49 PM
Maybe a TPS and a Map sensor? Map sensor has to deal with fuel and pressure so that could be causing your misfiring, just food for thought.