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03-15-2011, 07:15 PM
gotta paint my GT conversion, can you guys give me some tips on painting, im using a spray gun. i painted metal before, but im assuming plastic is slightly different

03-16-2011, 04:53 PM
Even with a spray gun, the results are not going to be good unless you are an experienced body and paint guy. You have to know how to prep it properly, the right primer to use, and most importantly painting conditions. A paint shop will have a spray booth with down draft fans to keep over spray from settling on the parts, and heat lamps to cure the paint faster. Some of them are even temperature and humidity controlled. If you want it to look right, take it to a pro.

I've done everything on my car myself EXCEPT the body painting. Even when I did my first fiberglass hood, my dad had a spray gun but we only used it to apply a high build primer so we could block sand it, then we took it in to get final prep and painting.

03-16-2011, 04:59 PM
you need flexible primer meant for urethane or plastics. then you may even get some flex additive for the paint itself. if you are absolutely trying to do it yourself practice first.

you can goto a paint supplier and get a good deal on materials.

03-16-2011, 05:25 PM
My guess if you go ahead and do it yourself, then you will have to redo it, since it is your first time. I would just leave it to the pro, so you dont end up wasting more money, time and frustration.

03-16-2011, 06:24 PM
take the parts to a body shop in your area and have them paint them to match your car.

03-17-2011, 01:37 PM
i'm going to agree with everyone else, your best bet is to go to a few shops and get quotes. i know a place that i deal with, they are fair with the price. a few years ago they painted my sc/t hood for $200 top and bottom.