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03-22-2011, 10:20 AM
I wanted to get some feedback on a dubious diagnosis I received from a dealership, said that my head gasket was leaking and that there was coolant streaming out of it.

So I drove 2000 GT 2 hours home from school, no problems ran great. Shortly after that I went 5 minutes down the road and was sitting in a parking lot and turned up the air a little bit because it was getting hot in the car. Then I noticed the distinct smell of coolant, which brought all sorts of bad memories from my LIM gasket leaking 3 years ago. I step out of the car and there is a lake of coolant at my feet. Came back the next day to fill up the overflow tank and was able to drive it home no problem without any noticeable leaking or overheating. My dad and I then let it idle and didn't notice any leaks or overheating. We did notice the radiator fans were not coming on at idle when it was up to normal running temp. We checked fuses for the fans, they're all fine. After it cooled down I came back and refilled the overflow tank, but no leaks. My dad and I assumed the car had just overheated because the fans were not kicking on, it appeared that the overflowing coolant had come out of the overflow tank through the rubber tube that allows it release the overflow. So I drive it in to the dealership and drop it off and the guy calls me an hour later saying that they did a pressure test and there was coolant streaming out because my head gasket was leaking. They wanted $2200, so I just paid my $100 diagnostic fee (ouch!) and drove it home. So a few hours later I came out to look at it and still no leaking under the car and my overflow tank looked to be at the same level I filled it up to the day before. The dealership may have filled it back up, but it just seemed odd to me. Sorry that was long winded I just wanted to get all the facts out there.
So what do you guys think!?

03-22-2011, 10:30 AM
well, it is common for it to look out of the top hose in the overflow tank - mine randomly does that, but not bad. Take a flashlight or feel around both sides of the motor for coolant or moisture.

03-22-2011, 11:34 AM
yeah we did do that and didn't see or feel anything from the motor, it looked like the stream was coming from the overflow hose. would it be obvious if it is coming from the head gasket or is it going to be burned off? if it is burned off I'm not smelling it