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03-25-2011, 12:21 PM
I have had a very small transmission leak for nearly 2 years now but never any significant amount of fluid or power loss. Even though I knew I had a small leak, I ever found any drippings under the car so I figured it's not enough to worry about at the time. That is of course, until recently. not only do I now have a small to moderate sized oil stain on my driveway but I also got down low enough that it started to affect my car's ability to shift from 1st to 2nd (higher RPM's before finally shifting.) I added another bottle of transmission fluid that same day and it is running normal again for now.

So now I'm trying to find this leak. I used to think it was just a loose bolt from the transmission oil pan that was slowly leaking but recently I've noticed a red drip from in front of the engine on the passenger's side. Basically, underneath the A/C compressor. This has me confused as I cannot find the source of the leak and I don't really see any obvious places where transmission oil could be leaking out in that area. I'm almost wondering if it's spraying out but I would imagine I would be losing fluid at a much faster rate if that were the case.

Any thoughts on where I might be leaking from? My knowledge of automatic transmissions is limited so I'm not sure where the transmission oil flows within the transmission itself. Any advice or assistance on this topic would be greatly appreciated. I need a good idea of what to look for when I hose out the engine bay tomorrow to look for any fresh drippings.