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08-03-2011, 10:17 AM
My current 99 2.4l has sat for about ten months. It only has 105,000m, but has some issues without any service lights, I'm shooting in the dark. I'm gonna take some advice someone here gave me...[map sensors]with major thanks for any suggestions. I'm no mechanic and I'm desperate. I It was hot one day, my abs light had come on as it had everytime I started it for a month. I drove 20 minutes and the car tried to die. I had just put $10 of gas in it before this happened. I was slowing the car down to 30mph when this happened. I gassed it, she kept running for abit before I hit the brake and she tried to die again. My bf changed my spark plugs and added fuel treatment. The next day the car keep dying on another trip. It would restart and slam into gear [D]. And go for a couple minutes and die. I had the abs wire rewired reconnected.... the car seemed to run fine for a week before it tried to stall and recovered. As it sat in park in the driveway, bf added AC, I heard the fuel pump wind up like crazy andcar died. Bf's solution was I sat in car holding gas just over 1rpm. The car stayed running. I'm sorry for such along tale. I wanted to explain the problem the best I could. As I'm afraid to get stranded or buy a fuel pump. Also mechanic replaced a vacuum hose at the front of engine with a peice of hose I've been told is "fine". Fuel lines were replaced. Brakes and rotors in the front are new. Swapped factory tape deck for factory cd player from my previous ga same make and model. It has no display, sounds like crap but works otherwise. THANK ANYONE would took the time to read this and give imput!

08-03-2011, 10:20 AM
I have been told fuel pump:( fuel pressure regulator. With no codes probably not sensors....