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09-13-2011, 06:58 PM
My 2002 Grand Am GT has a low coolant light that will not go out. The radiator was replaced and I have "burped" the air out of the system. The temperature holds constant. I can unplug the sensor from the reservoir and the light will go out. I plug the sensor back in and the light comes back on. I have used three new sensors and still get the problem.

Any ideas?

sugar ray
09-16-2011, 11:00 PM
Make sure you have topped up the radiator with DEX cool (not regular antifreeze)
Once it's been topped off to the proper level, your light should go out. If there were NO signs of external coolant leakage ( EX: coolant on the ground ) Then you have lost coolant internally. Translation, your 2002 Grand Am has done exactly what EVERY SINGLE OTHER 02 Grand-Am has done. Your Lower intake manifold gasket would be the culprit. Does not seem to be a matter of IF but "WHEN" with the 3.4's

A poor gasket design has forced Grand Am owners to replace the lower intake gaskets at one time or another. If your handy with a wrench the job isn't too bad at all. If not you may be looking at $1000 for a garage to do it. There is an excellent step by step write up in these forums on how to replace it. Such a common problem with these cars, always starts with the dreaded coolant light