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11-30-2011, 10:08 AM
Hello I'm new (obviously) My name is Dustin. I'm having a problem with my car so I'm looking for help. I'll explain what happened what I've done so far and then ask for advice/solutions. 1999 Grand AM SE 3.4 L

Ok so I parked the car walked my girlfriend to her house I was gone for like three mins and then I got back in it and tried to start it. It wouldn't start. The engine would crank over perfectly fine but would not fire.

Tha being said.... The auto headlights weren't coming on, the dashlights weren't on, the chiming that usually goes off when the key is turn wasn't working. However, The radio works, the windows work, the interior lights work, and the starter turns over.

I know that people will ask and suggest this: Security Light? No security light is flashing. No dash lights at all! Also the Battery is not DEAD. PErfectly charged and it starts my truck just fine!! And if I spray starting fluid in the intake the car will fire. so it is getting spark sometimes.... lol

So I was thinking electrical. I promptly checked all fuses visibly none were blown except The cooling fan MAXI Fuse. I replaced that no change. I then switched out the relays and made sure that none of them were bad ( just bought one of each of the different and checked them in the slots, I also put the relays in my truck which so happen to have a large number of the same one's, and they all worked fine)

So next I got a test light and while the fuses were in place with the key on I checked for power on each side of the fuse (just in case i couldn't see where it was blown out) I had two fuses the had no power on either side. These fuses were the IPC/BFC ACC and the PCM ACC fuses which are in the cab of the car behind the panel in the drivers side of the dash. I think that the PCM is the power control module and so if it wasn't getting power then that'd be why I wasn't starting....

I pulled the key switch and ignition switch out of the dash and tested the wires on it.

I'll list the wires in plug format. (there are two plug-in's or wire clusters on the ignition switch) Then I'll provide Pictures.

Wires: Red, Yellow, Orange, Orange, Dark Green, Light Green, Black with white stripe, Brown, Pink, Pink, Red.

Plug-in #1: HG = Heavy Guage LG = Light Guage
HG RED: always hot so it's a power in
HG Yellow: Starter wire
HG Oranges: Power when key is on (connected together on the same terminal)
HG Dark Green: No power at any key position
LG LIght Green: No power at any key postion

Plug-in #2
HG Red: Always hot
HG Pinks: power when key was on ACC I believe, but they had power
HG Brown: power when key switch was on
LG Black with white stripe: never had power

So I'm not sure but a friend who was a mechanice said that he thought that one of the three that didn't have power: the HG Green, LG light green, and the Black/White stripe; controled the Modules, so if that is the case then that could be why my fuses aren't getting power... am I thinking wrong here??

My final thought is Ignition switch but I'm hoping for a professional to give me their advice because ignition swtiches are exspensive and I don't like to guess fix. I'm a college student so I don't really have the money to just start replacing things.

Am I on the right track?