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02-03-2012, 09:05 PM

My 2003 2 door grand am gt has had a leak that got the back passenger seat wet as well as the area around the drain exit in the trunk.

i think i have it sourced and i dont know what to do next...

i dont think the drain tubes were never clogged or if they where it was right at the plug exit and the crap flew threw it without me knowing ....

i took the headliner off and you can see moisture and a few drops of water right infront of the drain tube around the roof.... not around the tube...

see in the pictures

i have many questions

so it must be spilling out the side of the sunroof ? or if it was plugged thats the symptom when it backs up with water and cant drain?

I had the sunroof closed and my girlfriend ran water on the car for 5 mins , I didnt see any leaks, I pulled the tube and I could see a drip..... drip....... drip......drip...... so even with the sunroof closed and a hose running on the car some water seems to get into the tracks... is that normal ?

if its not normal then is it possible to tighten up either the glass seal ? its not cracked and it still seems soft and rubber like..

or the frame of the sunroof where the tracks are need to be tighten up or something.....

Dont know where to go from here and its alot of work to reassemble only to see it still leak in a month or 3...

and i did run weedeater string and compressed air up and down that drain....

02-03-2012, 09:28 PM
that should of got rid of the sitting water in the tracks

02-04-2012, 10:48 AM
looks like the sealant has cracked between the panels or at the mounting point of the sunroof its pretty common after years of flexing check for very small cracks in the paint around the whole sunroof especially around the overlap in the panels you have circled I have fixed alot of water leaks from damage and factory defects when working at dealerships I have used 3m seam sealer make sure the affected area is clean , you can remove the old sealer and reapply new sealer after 3m sealer dries it is sandable and paintable you will have to remove the sunroof glass make sure you mark the hole placement on the glass so it goes back in the same spot then water test again thats my opinion other than R & R the sunroof assembly and reseal all the mounting points