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02-13-2012, 03:13 PM
I have a 99 grand am gt. It was sitting for a while and when I started using it again it started overheating. It does it at idle and when your driving. One time it overheated and it just shut it self off. The coolant always goes low and when I add more it just does the same thing. It doesn't appear that there is coolantl in the oil. On the resorvoir tank part of the cap broke and now there is a piece of it stuck on the top of it underneath where the cap threads on. Any ideas? It would be cheaper to fix this myself than take it to a shop.

02-13-2012, 06:56 PM
I had a '99 for a little while with a similar issue. In my case, I think the thermostat seized which caused the initial overheating. Once that was replaced my temps still seemed a bit higher than they should be so I replaced the coolant tank as well. If you don't have a well sealed system (as your broken cap might indicate) then it won't pressurize correctly and will allow temps to get higher than normal. If this happens, you'll probably notice your coolant coming out the overflow tube just below the coolant cap.

Either way, I've had numerous coolant caps break both on the '99 and my '03. You can try replacing just the cap but chances are it will just break again the next time you try to take it off. Your best bet might be to replace the entire coolant tank with a new one so that it won't break so soon. It's a little bit of work but fairly easy and cheap to do yourself.

I actually have a new tank sitting in my garage to replace my '03 tank when I get the chance. It's not overheating at all but I don't like that it's so yellow that I can't see how much coolant is in the tank.