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02-28-2012, 12:13 PM
so i need to fabricate a mount for my fenders. if you look in the picture where the fender is supposed to connect to the frame, its completely rusted so it hits the door now because there isnt anything to keep it in place. im trying to figure out a way to make a sturdy mount, but i cant think of anything that is sturdy enough. anyone have any ideas on what i could do?

02-28-2012, 10:27 PM
what do you know it looks an awful lot like mine lol... well mine isnt rusted through but its def starting to rust. and since no one else has posted giving you any better ideas ill give you my idea if that were my car...

i would find a piece of sheet metal at least as thick as the fender, although the thicker the better in terms of sturdiness, and kind of make a "J" out of the metal. using the hook of the "J" drill that into the frame on the side of the car (being behind the fender nobody would even notice it). then attach the other end of the metal to the bottom of the frame just past the rust spot. make any sense? i dont exactly know how to explain it lol

then all you have to do is line up the fender so it looks nice and straight, then drill holes in your new patch and either use bolts to attach the fender or you could simply attach it to the sheet metal with fairly thick metal screws and some washers. all depends on you and how you want it to be.

thats just my input tho, hope it works out!