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03-02-2012, 03:44 PM
I dont know if anyone else has had this problem but my 99 grand am gt 3.4 has a wierd tick in the transmission, and if you dont hold the brake the engine will shut off. When you start driving the transmission will seem like it is slipping then the ABS and Brake lights pop on and everything is fine, engine idles fine the tick goes away and you no longer have to hold the brake to keep the car running.But in trturn the car will only go to first and second gear(limp mode i am guessing). or if the transmission is in neutral before the lights come on its fine, its just when the lights aren't on and its ticking that it will make the engine shut off. also when the transmission is jumping around and the lights aren't on the speedometer wont work if you put the car in neutral but like everything else once the lights come on it works in neutral. Anyone have any ideas or is it just a bad tranny? the engine cutting off is only when the abs and brake light isn't on and the car is being held by the transmission(or transmission is locked in park)