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sugar ray
03-05-2012, 12:31 AM
Here's the deal. 02 GA 3.4 with the factory Monsoon Stereo in it. The issue always has been with these that the factory made things tricky to install an aftermarket stereo head unit. If you replace the original with an original stock replacement the dealership has to program your serial number into it. If you go aftermarket you risk losing the stock amp, door chimes and security features that tap into the deck.

Along comes the "Axxess GMOS-04" harness. Designed to retain the chimes, amp, and if equipped, on star. Picked one up for my aftermarket double DIN GPS head unit.These harnesses are stupid expensive but eliminates the need to rewire the entire car

Install went smooth however I am at a stand still. The factory has that feature that once you park your car and turn the key off the radio will continue to play until you open the drivers side door then the radio turns off. that function STILL works with the aftermarket harness.

The problem: It will ONLY play audio from the aftermarket deck with the drivers side door "OPEN" The second I close the door the audio stops but the head unit still remains on and is playing. I open the door and immediately the audio is back?? WTF??? Pretty tough to drive with my door open just so the tunes will play? Everything functions as it should. It turns on and off when it should so I know I didn't wire "constant" to "IGN" and vice versa. I know its NOT the aftermarket deck being the issue cause I tried a second aftermarket deck and it behaves the same way.

Any thoughts???

sugar ray
03-05-2012, 10:56 PM
Well.....its rare in this day and age to get GOOD support out of a purchase but I am glad I did. Purchased the harness from Crutchfield. Called tech today fearing the worst. With MOST companies you get someone in tech that has a list of trouble shooting tips in front of them and when the list fails they have no clue. Tech spent some time on the phone with me and was able to view an exact wiring diagram of my 02.

I hooked the remote wire from the deck to the remote amp on the module, like you would a normal aftermarket amp and it works. If I could have done that to begin with? Just didn't think of it. Simply because it makes no sense?? The remote wire out of the deck is designed to power an aftermarket amp. However, Im not using and aftermarket amp at all?? The stock amp was powered we know that by the sound that was coming from the rear. Weird??

Anyways.....great service and they knew what they were talking about. Live and learn I suppose