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03-05-2012, 04:37 PM
Hey guys hoping someone can point me in the right direction here. I've just recently started having some strange symptoms on start up. I start my 04 GT in the morning and it seems to miss or putt while holding a constant 1200 RPM. RPMs are normal but the putting is not. I started thinking maybe my fuel filter needs replacing because i haven't replaced it since i bought the car 4 years ago. (dumb i know) but I am just over 100k miles. at 65k i replaced injectors, plugs, and plug wires so i wouldn't assume they would be causing any problems. But then a couple days ago the car actually backfired out the exhaust which seems to me that the ignition is to blame.

If i rev up the engine while it is doing this, the putting or missing happens more frequently. This whole thing only lasts for about 15 seconds and then the car runs fine. No noticible loss of power during downshift accelerating.

I don't smell any coolant or oil in the exhaust, it does smell like too much fuel; but isn't that common on start up?

Maybe one of the coil packs or a cam sensor? Thanks for the help

03-05-2012, 05:17 PM
coil packs are very likely. they cause that puttyness. in my car, when i run hot for awhile (or in other words drive down a road a long time at a constant speed), the minute i stop for a stop sign or red light, it has that bogging when i step on the gas. i hav to let off it and re step on it for it to really move. i replaced one coil pack because the car wouldnt hardly run at all and i had it run on a shops computer and it showed the bad coil pack. it still bogged after replacing it but its 100% drivable. which leads me to believe another one is bad or both of them. its my camaro, but still should be the same. when i had a faulty coil pack on my GT (duralast gave me a broken one.. bastar*s...) it misfired like craazy! it was undrivable. so i would start there