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03-17-2012, 09:39 PM
Hey, so im not "new to the forums" but it has been a few years since i posted. And i couldnt remember my username or password for the username either lol. anyway I used to be 98blackgagt or 98boostedgagt or something like that. I had a 98 grand am, m45 kit, custom headers full 2.5" borla exhaust, HPtuned, injectors blah blah blah...

that was just to try to help if any of ya remember me :-)

so i now currently drive an 03 grand am se. 4 door, 5 speed. well a couple days ago (with only 110k miles on the car) the tranny **** the bed on me. I was able to find another one yesterday and picked it up. I am going to be doing the swap tomorow. I was just wondering how much work am i looking at if any of you have done this before. Ive done tranny jobs in the past and some can take a few hours and some can require a few days...

Im already assuming the usual. a frames and crossmembers and axles... will i need to deal with removing my exhaust, or more... or even worse, and i just going to have to drop the engine completely and do the tranny swap on the floor? any and all help tips and tutorial type of responses greatly appreciated. thanks!!!