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04-06-2012, 11:40 PM
First off, I just want to say, I'm brand new to this forum (and the club of GA owners, haha). Last week I purchased my first car. Found it on Kijiji, it's a 2003, 4 Door, and burgundy. The guy was asking 2600 certified, or 2400 as is. I ended up getting it for 2400, certified, and it should be ready this Tuesday coming up. 125000 km, so I'm thinking that's pretty good? and if I take care of it, this should last me a while, right? (Also, decent first car? haha)

The body is in near perfect shape. Only some minor stuff. My first question, is there's a few small patches of like... not holes? but it's brown and a little chipped? The guy said he already has a can of matched paint that I can probably have, so.. how would I go about patching up those little imperfections? Easy job? I'm a little OCD, so if I could fix those, I'd be thrilled.

Secondly, painting the interior. Is it fairly easy? I have been trying to look for threads about the questions I'm asking, but the few I find, seem to be old posts, so I'm wondering if maybe the information is also a little dated? For example, maybe there's like, a type of paint out that's a type of "all in one" where it's basically spray and let it dry?

Funny how I don't even have the keys in my hands , yet I'm already plotting out all these things I want to do with it. :D

04-07-2012, 12:08 AM
Thats a great price for only 77000 miles. Good job on that. Especially for a 2003. As far as the touch up, i had to do mine. I took the can of paint and a small brush, dabbed the little spots and cleaned it up with a paper towel and then sorta smoothed it out VERY gently with a little piece of SUPERFINE sand paper after i taped off the area around it. Then did the process again. its not noticeable at all at this point. Hope that helps.

04-07-2012, 07:15 AM
There is no interior paint that is just spray and let dry. The plastic parts are injection molded and have silicone mold release agents imbedded in the surface. The paint won't stick to it without proper preparation. You have to take the parts off and scuff sand them, then wipe them down really well with alcohol or acetone. Use several coats of primer, then several coats of paint, and clear coat if desired (I've found gloss paint is good enough).